Identity & iOS App Development


iOS development.

Bowserbuddy is an Australian community based fuel saving application designed to keep you up to date with local petrol prices.

True Agency together with Chasing Feathers Studios have worked very closely with the client to build every aspect of this exciting iPhone app.

Sophisticated Backend API.

There are many working parts to an Australian-wide, crowd sourced petrol pricing app. Managing all the stations, their individual prices, all unique users, their devices and their stats requires a sophisticated backend.

We built and continue to manage all this for BowserBuddy so that our client can focus on marketing and not have to worry about design and development.

Stunning Creative & UI / UX.

True spent an extensive amount of time getting the design just right and on many counts, found ourselves refining for pixel perfection.

With our creative direction, we have been able to deliver a professional product which is simple and intuitive but more importantly, well received by our client.

Crowd Sourcing & Mapping.

True implemented Google’s iOS Map API and integrated our own crowd-sourcing API built to allows users to select petrol stations throughout Australia and update their current prices. These prices instantly become available for all of the BowserBuddy community to see and benefit from.


Client BowserBuddy.
Focus UI / UX & iOS Development
Branding, Illustration & Graphics Design
Custom API Development
Launch Site