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Giving control back to Chillipadi.

Chillipadi serve dishes spanning across Asia, drawing from a myriad of unique flavours and gathering inspiration from traditionally cooked dishes.

With multiple locations across Melbourne, Chillipadi are veterans of quality asian cuisine and a popular choice for locals. True were selected to help rethink and rebuild Chillipadi’s new website. Through the years, their existing site had become fragmented with browser & device incompatibilities as well as inconsistent styles and layouts.

True delivered a new approach which streamlined venues with a consistent CMS interface and elegant front-end design.

A different perspective.

Our design strategy was to bring together all the locations and make feel like a single website under the one brand. Prior to this, each restaurant page was isolated with no design or style consistency.

Chillipadi’s new site now effectively showcases each location whilst maintaining the power of their brand which is reinforced through our design.

Stunning Visuals.

With years of experience, Chillipadi have had ample opportunity to build a collection of stunning photos of both their food and venues. We leveraged this in our designs with full-width banners and galleries for each location. This design allows each venue to shine with its own showcase of quality offerings.


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