Little Red Pocket.

Little Red Pocket.

iPad ordering system

Little Red Pocket.

An Australian first.

Little Red Pocket is a Japanese inspired cocktail lounge with a difference. True Agency helped pioneer Australia’s first iPad ordering and credit card payment system.

Integrated Card Payments.

The iPad ordering app allowed customers to browse through stunning photos of menu items, customise their cocktails and spirits, call for staff assistance and make immediate payments without leaving their tables.

Receipts are emailed to customers and the apps integration with existing processes means order fulfilment is seamless. We sought out a manufacturer of card reading devices and built our own module to integrate this with the app as well as NAB’s payment gateway facility to immediately process transactions.

Stunning Interactive Menu.

When we started this project, we knew we had a huge advantage over traditional menus and thought of ways to leverage from the interactivity we would be enabling with Little Red Pocket’s patrons.

We built a stunning interactive menu which moved and animated with stunning studio photography. Spirits allowed customers to select from a range of options so that they could order their perfect drink.

Facebook Integration.

Facebook integration allows customers to ‘check-in’ to the venue and post to their walls. This integration was setup such that each post is linked “via Little Red Pocket iPad Ordering System” ensuring the bar would leverage from all the added social media exposure.

In excess of 5k likes on Facebook, insight reports from the social network indicate Little Red Pocket have managed potential weekly audience reaches of 25k-35k users.


Client Little Red Pocket.
Focus Custom iOS / iPad Development
UX & UI Design
Backend API & Architecture
Launch Site